Sweeping new changes in Maine’s Fall Wild Turkey hunting season caused more hunter than ever to take to the fields and woodlots in search of two turkeys, either sex with all day hunting hours. While the purpose of the dramatic increase in bag limit and hunting hours was to reduce the overall population, a number of unethical practices arose. “Flock Shooting” or the act of firing a shotgun into a closely knit flock of young wild turkeys has left a number of birds crippled and easy prey for coyotes and other predators.

Hopefully during the next session of the Maine Legislature a revision to the law will be passed prohibiting the taking of more than one wild turkey per day

Through social media, I have heard arguments from the other side that flock shooters will continue regardless of a one-bird-per-day limit. Others feel insulted that anyone would believe they (the shooter) would be that careless. “I waited for just the right moment when two turkeys were alone and their heads and necks lined up, and I killed two birds with a single shot” said more than one hunter who showed up at the check station with a pair of young hens